A Dream Team

A few days ago, as I was falling asleep an idea popped into my head. I can’t really call it a new idea, because it has come to me in bits and pieces of wishes and dreams over the year.
I was in that weird half-asleep phase of thought, so my thoughts were more visual than normal and dreams tried to crowd out thoughts, and what I visualized were a group of friends, co-artists, working side-by-side combining their talents–though admittedly varied–to create something with value.
Art, creativity, writing with substance that communicates messages of “you’re enough” and teaches valuable life wisdom. Our efforts would pour out love and hope into the world, showing others that they can make a difference too, no matter how little they believe they have to give.
What I am envisioning is a collaboration, most often focused on writing pieces, but who take times to create art to push the boundaries of what they believe they are capable–proving that together we are better than one on one. And together we can make a difference.
A Dream Team

Before We Die and Leave only a Legacy & A Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #006 and #007

Before We Die and Leave Only a Legacy

Property of Rebecca Turk [prints available for sale upon request]
Property of Rebecca Turk
[prints available for sale upon request]

It’s 11:18am, and I’m just now grabbing a bowl of cereal so that I can settle down with wordpress, to share a thought with you, my readers.

I am just now emerging from my bed, having spent the morning in front of my computer. First, I watched some blog training videos. While not gaining much new from the training, they did leave me reflecting on one point. What do I want my legacy to be?

I decided it was this: “She loved.” Yes, “She loved and lived,” would be a grand legacy to leave. One that I am hoping upon hope and praying will be the one I leave behind.

Does that help you understand #1000smallways a little better? I hope it helps it become more real, practical, and something you can benefit from as I journey through this journey–wherever it takes me. I hope to help you leave a legacy of love too, by showing you obtainable and practical ways to build a legacy of love.


This morning, the desire to find something to share with you, led me on another documentary search. This morning, it was “When I Walk” by Jason DaSilva.

Jason chronicles the onset of Muscular Sclerosis and how his life changes. While watching, I kept thinking “this isn’t my normal kind of documentary, but I’ll watch it to see what I can learn…”

In the end, it left me desiring to live ‘louder.’ And I am trying, I really am. Mentally I’m ready, especially with this project. I just have to reach the tipping point, for the momentum to get this thing going. I still haven’t found the audience whom will respond to my posts, nor the stories to tell. I will continue looking, I will continue writing, until I reach that tipping point.

So, I ask that you journey with me, even before I reach that tipping point, because I’ll never reach it without you.

A Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #006 & #007

Today I’ll reach out of my strictly DIY repetroire, so that any of you whom may not be crafty can find something you can do…but if you ARE crafty, you can definitely add that into your project.

I thought I better share this now, before it is too late:

From: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/
From: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/

Operation Christmas Child

National Collection Week: November 16-23
Collection Locations: Available on Site

You may be familiar with this program, even if it is only a vague familiarity. This is the program that provides shoeboxes to be filled with gifts for children, then distributes them to children to bring cheer around the world.

AXS Map (from the documentary: When I Walk):

If you are moved by the mission of the AXS Map: “AXS Map strives for a better world – accommodating, adapting and updating for the inclusion of people with disabilities.” There are a number of ways to get involved and help.The links below should point you in the right direction.


Before We Die and Leave only a Legacy & A Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #006 and #007

How can I help & A Thousand Small Ways to Change the world #003

Today was a day of questing. Questing toward where I want to be. What I want to do…and what it is I hope to have to share.

I searched for a documentary to watch (still searching), I watched TED talks, I tagged people on Twitter to ask about #1000smallways. I watched training videos. I started a new facebook group for creative philanthropy. I edited photos, and all the time I thought of you.

How can I help you?

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.57.24 PM

What is it, that YOU, my readers want and need? Is there a way that while I journey that I can help you get where you are going as well? Please, leave me messages at the end. Tell me where you are on your creative, career, and/or philanthropic journey. Let me know where you are stuck.

A Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #003

Storybook Envelopes & Letters to Children

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I came up with this idea after seeing someone else make an envelope from a thrift store children’s book. I thought, “how neat would it be to write a letter to encourage a child and send it in a fun envelope.” So, I visited the thrift store, bought a lot of children’s books for about $0.50 each, and began making envelopes. I now have well over 100. Now, if and when I decide I want to write a letter and send it off in a fun envelope, I have them ready. This would be a great way to give cards to kids in a children’s hospital–or if you are a teacher or know teachers, you could ask for topics that some of the kids could use encouragement on. Then write letters about those topics, give them to the teacher, and let them give the letters to the students whom would benefit most from the message. There are many possible uses for these envelopes, and I hope that some of you will give them a try and tell me how you use them in the #1000smallways challenge.

Do you have a child you’d like me to send a letter to? Let me know! I have so many of these, but not a lot of stamps. So, for the first 10 people who contact me, I will ship these out.


Envelope Template (Here is a template or open an envelope and use it)
Picture Book / Cute Paper
Glue Stick

Directions: Trace template or simply cut around it, glue side flaps and bottom into place. Use envelopes to brighten someone’s day.


How can I help & A Thousand Small Ways to Change the world #003

One Dollar a Day & a Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #002

I have to admit, the topic from yesterday is still lingering. I struggled turning my brain off last night, thinking about what could be done to benefit society and minimize the suicide attempts in the Sea of Trees. I imagined and planned out conversations and how I would communicate with people in a language not my own. I restlessly tossed in my bed. I told a friend while it is unlikely that I will ever bodily visit, my heart is wandering the forest as we spoke. But I managed to put the thoughts aside for the night, and I slept well.

This morning I watched a documentary called “Living on One Dollar,” which features the journey of some young men to a region where the average income is $1 a day. They learn how to live on a sporadic and minimal income. They learn the stories of those in the village, and they are changed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.46.44 PM

One of the points made, struck me. There are more people living above the poverty line than those below it. If each person above would do a little something for someone in need, we could, collectively, change the world. This fits the #1000smallways well, because there are so many of us who can really only offer the world small ways. But this is confirmation that small ways CAN change the world.

They even said it at the end of their film:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.54.00 PMA Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #002

Today, I chose to share with you one of the things I like to do with used books. When you are done reading a particularly encouraging book, consider writing a encouraging letter and leaving the letter and book together in an open place. Some location where the people would likely appreciate the gift. This is just one of many small ways.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.02.59 PM

One thing to remember in all that you do, is that perspective changes things greatly. What is small to you may seem monuments to another. Don’t be discouraged because what you have to offer is small. Other’s may perceive it as grand.

While this is just a regular lily pad, the size of your dinner plate-- it appears huge. Why? Because of perspective.
While this is just a regular lily pad, the size of your dinner plate, it appears huge. Why? Because of perspective. Photo Credits: © Rebecca Turk
One Dollar a Day & a Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #002

On the Search for a Tribe

For years now, I’ve heard the benefits of forming a tribe, and over the last couple I have often suggested the idea in the search for my tribe. I have not, so far, found people who responded positively to the idea, so I have let it go. But I know that without a tribe and/or mentors, I will likely continue to spin my wheels with all the might of one who has a passion for creativity and positive change, but with none of the traction necessary to move forward.

I need people. I need a tribe.

Today I decided to start contacting people who have been successful in both creativity and positive change, hoping that one of them will extend the hand of wisdom, and guide me to where I can find such mentors, if they are too busy themselves. I will continue to seek out these inspirational individuals, and keep seeking for my tribe.

I need to find my place in the creative world, and I need my tribe to encourage me on my way. Once I finger out how, I’ll have more to offer you in the way of advice, and much more creativity to share. So stay tuned.

And until then, I will share what creativity I have to share.

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On the Search for a Tribe