I love looking for Art in Nature.

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk

For there, in nature, hides art unseen.
Camouflaged in verdant greens.
Without knowledge you may lose your chance
One rushed step, one unfocused glance,
And the art will vanish.

© Rebecca Turk
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I love looking for Art in Nature.

Florida Vacation

On January 20, we left for Florida–we being my parents and I, and we returned February 5.

I will be sharing photos intermixed with my normal blogging, so keep an eye out for the photos 🙂 If you see any photos that you would be interested in purchasing prints of, please let me know!

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Florida Vacation

Like a Leaf

A cascade of hope and fear, pouring out,
undivided. falling over the rocky way
both graceful, delicate, and powerful the same
Inspiration in one hand, doubts in the other,
She, the stream, presses forward
to a distant shore. From the point of
fall, what came next a mystery
the edge could not be seen at all.
And like a leaf carried on this same current
that thrust the water into motion,
I travel life’s river,
forward, over, tumbling, into the unknown
to a lake or pond or distant ocean.
What will come my way, still not found,
While the current has its force,
I can always bring my paddle along.
I am not a mere victim of its course.
And should it be, that I must abandon ship,
I have two legs that will carry me.

© Rebecca Turk

Property of Rebecca Turk
© Rebecca Turk 
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Like a Leaf