I love looking for Art in Nature.

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk

For there, in nature, hides art unseen.
Camouflaged in verdant greens.
Without knowledge you may lose your chance
One rushed step, one unfocused glance,
And the art will vanish.

© Rebecca Turk
Prints Available;
Prices are for unmatted/matted

I love looking for Art in Nature.

I created a T-Shirt Storefront

I wanted the message of #1000smallways to get out there, and I was thinking of cards and other small merchandise, however, when the light bulb went off the other day, I also immediately thought of t-shirt. I know what you’re thinking…yeah, maybe I am crazy.

These are the first few that I put together today so that I could announce it. They are running on a 14-21 day campaign, so if you want any of them that is your window of time.

I hope to use the money from these to further the scope of #1000smallways. Since I have no income currently, I can’t really expand what I am covering very much, but with money I can travel to volunteer and do interviews to start bringing my readers good news from various locations. I will also be able to pay for my daily expenses so that I can continue to study love, encouragement, etc. So that I can become an expert.

I also have been in dialog with an illustrator today, and my first children’s story could be/should be in the works in the early parts of this coming year.

All these and more variations are available here.


I created a T-Shirt Storefront