Textured Layers of Beauty

Life is full of textured layers of beauty, insight, inspiration, & demonstrations of love. Pretend it is “I spy” and see what you find. It may surprise you.

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Property of Rebecca Turk
Textured Layers of Beauty

Repertoire /ˈrepə(r)ˌtwär/

I’m not sure who is reading this right now, but I suppose that is not what matters. I had been focused on trying to make my words mean something to many, rather than making my words mean a lot to someone.

I am well aware that the lessons I learn in my life may not apply to yours, but I hope that something I learn along the way helps someone on their own journey. Journey easier, my friend, journey easier.

I have a few friends who wish I would quit asking this one question. To edit it out of my conversation repertoire altogether, it is a variation of either;

“How are you?” or “Are you ok?”

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I’ve come to realize that there are people whom I’ll never get to answer that question. Maybe it is culture…maybe it’s pride…maybe we’re not that close, or maybe admitting to not being ok may break down the defenses so meticulously built. Whatever the case, I’ve figured out how to respond to the absence of an answer.

Whether the answer is that you’re fine, or not ok. Whether you are okay or not, it shouldn’t change how I behave, anyway. I should always work toward making whatever your reality is now better.

Even if you’re having the most wonderful of days, I should think of a way to make it better.

So, perhaps I should drop “are you ok?” and “how are you” from my repertoire and replace it with a spoken or unspoken, “how can I make things better,” followed by action, of course.

Words are just words, after-all, and according to my personal dictionary “love” is a verb first and foremost.

A Thousand Small Ways #1000smallways

Today, I’d like to ask if any of you would like to try this small way out with me. To try to change your repertoire to  “how can I make things better?”

Repertoire /ˈrepə(r)ˌtwär/