Finding Your Voice & Talking While Invisible

I hear it all the time, “really get focused and figure out what you want your message to be. Find your passion and speak it out loud. Find the message that you were born to tell, and tell it.”

Sure, that took some years of testing my thoughts, my passions, my skills…and sure, I’m still learning daily.

However, I have found that it is far more crucial to find your persistence. To find the strength and stick-to-it-ness to keep sharing your message when you look around and realize no one is listening.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.38.57 AM.png

You may have to try changing the words, your platform for distributing your message, and you may have to try to find another audience. However, even when you make these changes you may find yourself speaking to a virtually empty auditorium.

Maybe your aunt or mother or sibling showed up out of a sense of duty and pity, so you keep speaking since someone is there, and you keep hoping someone else will walk through those doors.

That’s when you determine how much you believe in your message.

I believe in mine still, and the auditorium is empty.

Finding Your Voice & Talking While Invisible

Reflective Waters


Beneath the still, reflective waters,
exists a world, most know nothing of.
The secrets, of both pain and joy,
are entrusted to but a few.
So, to learn of these hidden truths,
I will watch with indefinite pause.
You, oh silent waters, of quiet reserve,
are worth being heard.
You, oh still waters, so pristine,
deserve to be seen.

© Rebecca Turk


Reflective Waters

Like a Leaf

A cascade of hope and fear, pouring out,
undivided. falling over the rocky way
both graceful, delicate, and powerful the same
Inspiration in one hand, doubts in the other,
She, the stream, presses forward
to a distant shore. From the point of
fall, what came next a mystery
the edge could not be seen at all.
And like a leaf carried on this same current
that thrust the water into motion,
I travel life’s river,
forward, over, tumbling, into the unknown
to a lake or pond or distant ocean.
What will come my way, still not found,
While the current has its force,
I can always bring my paddle along.
I am not a mere victim of its course.
And should it be, that I must abandon ship,
I have two legs that will carry me.

© Rebecca Turk

Property of Rebecca Turk
© Rebecca Turk 
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Like a Leaf

Giving and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

I’m sure many of you have heard the story of the Starfish. In short, it is the story of an old man who is throwing starfish into the ocean and a small boy asks why bother since there are so many, and he can’t possibly make a difference. To which the old man picks one up, tosses it back into the water, and says, “it made a difference for that one.”

A lot of times the troubles of this life, both at home and abroad, can seem like a shore of endless starfish. It is easy to become discouraged.

But what if each one helped just one or two (or as many as we can)?  Wouldn’t that be of greater benefit than a few giving all they have?

I think a lot of times we think that the people we see in the media who are doing things to make a difference are some how genetically different than the rest of us. They must have the super-giving gene.

But it’s not true! I started from the position of looking at the givers with envy, because they seemed to have something special that equipped them to give. I felt that they gave was always so awesome compared to what I had to give.

Also, what I realized is that what I have to give doesn’t fall down on the lower rungs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I am not out there feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, or building shelters–I’m not providing for physical needs. I’m also not fighting off various foes that face them providing them with safety. I have intangible, abstract, unseen things to give (Love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization).

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However, one day something clicked. I then realized that these base-of-the-pyramid helpers were giving what they could, and that all I should worry about was giving what I could.

That day I realized I would never tell someone else that what they have to offer was too small or the wrong type of thing to give. Therefore, I should quit telling myself that my offerings were too small or wrong.

Just reflect back on the story of the starfish. There are hundreds and thousands of beaches, each with their own starfish that need to be thrown in. Some of you are on the beach of physiological needs, some on safety’s beach, yet other on Love’s beach….and so on. Give what you can where you can, and know that if no one seems to appreciate what you’re doing, I do!

Love is all of our superpower, but it manifests itself differently in each of us, and in the outpouring it will look different.


I will likely talk more on this topic, providing more specifics, but I just wanted to encourage you that whether you are a starfish on a beach waiting for a helping hand, or if you are someone walking down the beach offering help (or both), that you matter and what you have to offer matters. If there is anything I can do to encourage you in your journey, don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you just want someone to say hey, I’m here!


Have 30 seconds? I am looking for some ideas for my children’s story, here are 3 questions here:

Giving and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Twenty Fifteen & Forward.


Right before the holiday season of 2014, I was called into the Registrar’s Office (the Boss’ Boss),  and in the moment I was called in, I shot a message across to my coworker, “is this the time when they will let me go?”

It was. I would be let go at the end of April 2015.

I had felt it coming, seen it coming even, but when it came it still hit me with a debilitating blow. No matter how kind the words were, no matter that there were tears shed by those letting me know my position had been cut, the truth was this meant that I had to figure things out that I hadn’t been able to figure out in the 31 years previous of my life.

I had to figure out what I would be when I grew up.

It was clear that I couldn’t keep floating, I had to make my life count. I didn’t know how, though.  At that time, I thought I’d run a plant business and include an encouraging message with each purchase…the catch was, I spent all my time preparing items to sell. I didn’t have time to pen thoughtful messages of encouragement, and honestly, I wasn’t making any sales anyway.

I filed for unemployment. Discouraged, I was resigned to the idea that I would just have to take whatever job came. The thing is, no jobs came. Six months of job applications and not one call back.

“Ok, I get it,” I laughed in resignation, half looking up to the sky, “…I get it.”

It was God’s way of saying I was on the wrong path…but I didn’t know what path to take. How does a person get paid for wanting to encourage people? For wanting to make their life “all about love”? For dreaming up ways to teach empathy?

I have to admit, it paralyzed me for a long minute…then, I realized that sitting back immobilized while trying to figure it out wasn’t getting me any closer to an answer, and it surely wasn’t helping me pour more love out into the world.

So, here I am. I committed myself to this blog, to using my words to try to spread love and hope. Here I am, studying my crazy hand-crafted curriculum of;

  • Love In Action
  • Networking
  • Empathy
  • Board Game Design
  • Asian Art & Culture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Publishing
  • Global Perspectives on Mental Health
  • Social Media

All this, while trying to overcome my fears, so that life can move forward. It’s time for life to move forward. I’d love to have you all as front seat observers as the ball gets rolling for real.

I’d also love to be able to offer some insights along the way, so if you’re on a journey not unlike my own, let me know if there is any way I can help, encourage, or support your journey.

Here’s to 2016, I can already tell it will be a year of many stories to tell.


Just one last message. I feel like someone out there needs to hear this–

Dear Heart-that-needs-to-hear-this,

It can be tough. It will be tough, but you’re going to make it. Just don’t give up on yourself, keep believing in what you know to be true about yourself—EVEN if the doubts and fears that surround you are blaring at you, trying to convince you that you’re not good enough.

You are.

You are good enough.

With Love,

Twenty Fifteen & Forward.

e·piph·a·ny əˈpifənē/



Free Images Composited by Rebecca


So, I may have either had a break down or a break through yesterday, I’m claiming it as a break through, an ah-ha, a eureka moment, an epiphany. After hours of sitting in bed, staring at the computer, begging it to spit out the answers, it came unexpected initially, but I realized I had been acting this way already, I just hadn’t articulated it……

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.37.39 PM

I’m in “school”.

I’m getting a new degree. I may not be enrolled anywhere, but that’s what I’m doing. The major is Love and Encouragement with a minor in Social Media Studies. All these studies are occurring in the School of Creativity and Arts, and I am a full time student.

My current curriculum includes:

Love in Action
Asian Art & Culture
Empathy Studies
Global Perspectives on Mental Health
Game Design
Social Media Strategies
Victory over Fear

Coming to this realization, has lifted a lot of guilt off my shoulders. I have been feeling guilty about not finding another office job and just settling into the expected life (not that I didn’t try, 52+ job apps, zero call backs).


Because that’s what it seems like everyone wants for me. Just a nice, normal, regular life.

But what can I do? The shoe doesn’t fit. I’ve tried it on.

I now know how to behave with my time, I have printed out hourly and weekly schedules, where I will pencil in when I’m studying which of those topics. I will be completing homework assignments for each topic, and I will now quit looking for full-time work for the time being. I will look for “student job” work, things that I can do part-time max, to earn enough to cover expenses.

There is more to this epiphany, but I’m waiting to hear back about it, so…stay tuned.

e·piph·a·ny əˈpifənē/

Eudemonic /yo͞odəˈmänik/

Recently I was watching a TED talk, and while I don’t know when it was created, the presenter said that currently we have the lowest amounts of violent crimes worldwide, but you would have no idea. That our media is focusing on these events so much, that you think they are more common than normal. I don’t know how to fact check this, but I do believe the principle is right.

When we focus on the negative, we see more of it. It takes up our whole “viewfinder” and that is all we see. Not only that, but it has been observed that reporting on such things as suicide, increase suicide rates (thus media has learned to skim over such stories). The same phenomena can be observed with other violent crimes. Couldn’t we skim over those stories?

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.44.16 PM

….put the spotlight on the positive, and watch to see if we get a ton of copycat-ers for good? I want to try! But I need your help.

IMG_0755 copy

So, will you help me with this experiment? Let’s see if we can create an epidemic of positivity, good will, love, kindness, and eudemonic pursuits.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.49.16 PM

IMG_0756 copy

Eudemonic /yo͞odəˈmänik/