Open Letter to My Camera

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Dear Camera,
I am sorry to inform you that the art that I create with you appears to be subpar. These images are ignored, or if they are appreciated, individuals expect to receive them for free. Knowing that I put my heart, experience, and education and significant financial investments into the photo-taking process, my only conclusion can be that you are holding me back.
Now, don’t get me wrong. You are a perfectly good camera. I love you with my whole heart, but there is something about the union of you and me, that fails to create beautiful respectable art. I know I push your buttons, but that’s how our relationship works, and the only way we can create art. I’ve tried my hardest, creating blogs and Facebook pages to display our creations, but they fall upon an unappreciative audience.
For these reasons, I’m giving you an ultimatum. Either we figure this out together and create beautiful art that has impact, or I’m going to have to let you go. I am considering my prospects with Pen, as perhaps writing is the path I should take to creating art. This is your chance to prove me wrong. So, please….prove me wrong.
You have my word that I will be trying to make this work, the ball in in your court now. Remember, it might be good to give me a gift when you try to woo me back. I have given you at least 6 lenses over the years, and from you I’ve received no more than $100 total from various small gifts of print sales. I do not mean to sound rude, but I need to know that I am loved too. 

Rebecca Turk
(the one who holds your hand and pushes your buttons)

Ps. I will be eagerly awaiting your response, and hopefully anticipating our next long walk on the beach at sunset. I do love you, dear Camera. I have included some our our images here to remind you of where we’ve been and what we’ve created together in the past.

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Open Letter to My Camera

How do Words Work?

I sat here wondering, maybe a moment too long to catch the poem that was dancing on the forefront of my mind, begging permission to dance in the light. But it left me with this feeling, that I’ll do my best to share.

I wondered how words worked, and if I was using them right. I had just scribbled down a poem, and returned to reading, when another said, “where do you think you’re going, you haven’t told me yet!”

So I wrote down the words, but wondered where they belonged.
If I share them here with you, will I have more to write?
When I come before the project of a book, will I produce more than a single line?

If I show you the beauties that captivate me line by line, will you see them as beauty, or pay me no mind?

So, dear reader, can you tell me this? Are words like love? That once flowing, they are never done? Or shall I write, and find I have none left to share?

Should I write them here?
Do I dare?

They speak of a vulnerability, not always easy to share…but here…..I’ll lay them before you.

Where I’m going

I’ve said it before
three times at least
I said it clearly, once
without glitz galore.
I said it in rhyme,
And then to be safe,
I said it once more.
I told my heart to be brave,
and gave permission to my mind.
The words I spoke,
The poem I rhymed
Fell on ears made deaf
And eyes gone blind.
So words in my pocket,
Hope in my heart,
From here I bid you g’day,
As I depart.
You see,
As I study, as I write,
As I hunt for hidden insights,
I will move forward to
ever greater heights.

My Words

I feel my words,
even while fresh and new
come out like a
a sheet of paper crumpled
dropped, and dampened
by the morning dew.

They could be more beautiful.
I know, it’s true.

So I’ve spoke them now, and now we will wait and see. Will the void they created, create a whirlpool of new? Stay tune, it will be a mystery unfolding, word by word. Each post I write, each poem I rhyme. The result will only be known only after the passing of time.

© Rebecca Turk

How do Words Work?

A Grateful Leader in Aisle 5 #1000smallways

I rounded the corner into the next aisle when I spotted them. Miniature Orchids. I know I do not need them, however I found myself going through the box to find the best of the lot. While I was there, I noticed an employee out of the corner of my eye. He was pushing a large cart stacked 3 boxes high of canned foods and other assorted inventory.

I went back to looking at the plants. Then, I realized he was just standing there, waiting. I made eye-contact with an inquiring expression on my face. To which he responded, “I’m trying to figure out how to get through here.” You see, the display of plants was in the middle of the aisle.

“Oh,” I said as I searched for a solution, “…hmm, can we just move this whole display?” I started to pull the display toward me, as he pushed it from the other side.

He navigated the cart through, then stopped, turning toward me and making eye-contact, he said “team work…it sure makes things easier..” then he closed by thanking me and saying “you’re such a sweetheart.” I smiled a bit uncomfortable, nodded…I may even have even said thank you, as I always pick the wrong responses to compliments, and as I walked away, I laughed a little, I’m not from the south, so getting called a sweetheart isn’t something I’m used to, especially when the person appears to be younger than I.

I have to admit, I started to pat myself on the back as I walked away. If I ended here, you’d think this story was about me, but it isn’t.

This story is about that young man. I’m not sure what position he had at the store, what title he held or didn’t hold, but I realized that if I had a business, I would hire this guy in a second, because he has incredible leadership skills. After he said that, I felt compelled to help him move the next display out of the way (however, by the time I reached it, he had moved it). I felt valued, and like my 5 second effort to slide the display out of the way had been some grand gesture.

Not only did he have the skills to make people motivated to work and to make them feel valued, but he was fully engaged in his job, both on the level of getting the products out on the floor, but stopping to help customers and having friendly conversations, as I observed while I finished my shopping.

I went in the store, with the intention of just getting myself a rice pudding, but came out with a few lessons. I caught myself when I was going to give myself too much credit, and realized that when you take a moment of gratitude and look on the other side of it, you find a story about someone other than yourself. I learned a few tips on how to be a leader others would be happy to follow.

A Thousand Small Ways #1000smallways

While I have provided you with examples in the above story of a small way that can make a big difference, I will share another small way. Today, I’m thinking of my other online friends, whom have websites, blogs, groups, or causes. Can you reach out to 5 of them today to let them know they are appreciated. Leave a comment, a like, share a post. In this way they will know that there are actually people reading and appreciating what they have to offer. You never know, you may keep someone from giving up doing what they are doing.

Update on Goals:

I have decided my goal for December is to finish up “Mitt the Misfit Fox,” and work on creating arts and crafts around the theme of love, kindness, and friendship.

I made several pieces, some are only half-way done (I wanted to scan them, add digital effects, and then print them. However, the scanner had other plans, namely it planned on not working).

These two pieces are the quote “Love Does.” I just finished reading a book by that title by Bob Goff, and I have often reminded people that love is a verb, so put it into action.


A Grateful Leader in Aisle 5 #1000smallways

Bleary-eyed Inspiration #1000smallways

Bleary eyed, I opened my computer this morning. Somehow during my sleep I had come up with my agenda for the day. First thing, first. I had a few friends to check in with, send a quick message to, inquiring about how things were going. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about reaching out and connecting with others.

I’ve realized that while I do often make to do lists, I don’t often follow them closely. I run on intuition. Not only on deciding what I need to do next, but also in the kitchen and with my creative adventures. Even with my words. They just come intuitively, and I don’t reread and question them. I trust that the words that come are authentic, when they come quickly. I don’t trust them when they seem forced. I have no idea just how many blog posts I’ve deleted before publishing, because I just couldn’t speak (write) naturally.

And then, suddenly, I couldn’t remember a thing on my to do list. I complained to a friend that I had forgotten it all, and they said that perhaps it was meant to be forgotten.

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk  [Prints Available for Sale Upon Request]
So I forgot it, and started again. I networked with three people/companies.  I shared my dream with them. I experimented with an editing process in photoshop to make my photos look like infrared images. I connected with a couple more people, read a chapter in “Love Does,” and I prepared for my next giving adventure.

I create a lot of things. I tried to have my own business selling crafted and plant items, and I have so many items left that haven’t found homes, that I decided to send them off into the world with a note of encouragement. Hopefully they find their way into the hands of individuals who will value them. I know I could always try to sell them, but they are taking up space and not bringing anyone joy in the meantime. And this is the time when I want them to be out there, doing their job, not sitting in a box in my basement.

I do not have a lot of resources, but I have these…so I will give them.

When I paused to rest from my morning activities, a friend said to me “you are doing so many things :)” and encouraged me to keep up the good work. I was caught off guard, and wondered why. I realized that it clashed with the engrained belief that if I was truly working hard, I would be getting paid. The truth is, I’m getting the opposite message. I know people think I’m being lazy or irresponsible. But I’m not, I’m just not getting paid. There is a difference. And to have a friend who sees that difference, meant a lot.

In fact, I have to be honest, it happened twice today. I know it must be because I need to hear it, but earlier I was told that I was being an inspiration to many.  I stopped to consider if this was true. I’m still not sure. “Many” I wondered….”does my reach really extend to many?” I immediately began to doubt myself and pull out all the evidence to the contrary. My average blog post gets only a few views a day for the first few days of its existence, before it is forgotten. My facebook posts rarely have a reach above 10 on my photography page (where I also share these posts).

“Many!” I laughed to myself. Finding the word many a joke, and inspiration much too grand a word for what I do and who I am to others. “Don’t these people know I’m the one out looking for inspiration, seeking a mentor, networking, and inspiration-media bingeing?”

Then my own words came back to me. I remembered the video I created promoting out even our “one drop of water,” can make a difference when we all come together. So, even if my “many” is nowhere near “many enough,” it’s more than nothing. And even if my inspiration isn’t up to TED talk level, it can make a difference. I am giving what I have, and that’s all I can do until I have more.

So, even if you don’t have a lot. If your influence is 1 or a million or more, remember that each individual drop of water you have is valuable. Don’t doubt it, like I just did. Or if you do, as I know it is human nature to do so, I hope that reason wins out and you remember that what you have to give is valuable. That you are enough. That what you have to give is enough, and so long as you give it, that is enough. When you have more to give, then give it… but leave your drops of water to evaporate because they are just a drop. 

A Thousand Small Ways to Change the World #1000smallways

If you are creative, like myself, you can “release” some of your art into the “wild,” and if you are not, fear not…because whatever you have to give is important and valuable. I am offering here that if anyone needs inspiration that I may be able to provide (we will see if I am or not), that I’m here. You can make the same offer to those in your circle either verbally or just by seeking out people to encourage.

Bleary-eyed Inspiration #1000smallways

A Post of my Photography

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk

I thought I’d share a good share of my more recent photos, and ones I’ve recently shared here all in one place. They are all available for sale, if you are interested.

For standard Prints:

Matted: $10
No Matte: $7

Matted: $20
No Matte: $15

Matted: $40
No Matte: $30

Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
Property of Rebecca Turk
A Post of my Photography

I’m a Finalist & Photographer

Today I woke up and was so good. I did 30 crunches before doing anything else (haha). I also read a chapter of the book I mentioned yesterday.

Then I checked my email.
This is what I found….Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.08.54 AM

I’m a finalist because of my blog post! To win, they want to see that I’m sharing the post and getting a lot of likes, shares, and  comments. So view that link, and click through to view the video in the post on youtube. And say hey in the comments while you’re at it!

I went out to take photos this afternoon, and got some nice shots, that I hope you enjoy.

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© Rebecca Turk [Prints Available for Sale Upon Request].

I am so silly, I had my camera with me, but forgot to take pictures…but I left some of my #1000smallways items around while I was out today.

I’m a Finalist & Photographer

What’s Wrong with the Relationship between Business and Society? #ubuntupeople

I am because we are 2

Browsing around twitter, I saw a tweet about a contest asking the question, “What is wrong about the relationship between business and society?” In exploring the question, I realized that the question went deeper than just business and society, but it is a global problem.

The problem is that our culture values competition, stresses scarcity, promotes self-interests, and minimizes the benefits of cooperation. We are taught that we should rise above others by walking over them. In addition, we are taught that what we have in surplus to offer would just be a “drop in the ocean,” and would never do an ounce of good. The thing is, as was pointed out in the documentary, “I am” by Tom Shadyac, the ocean is just a bunch of drops of water that have come together in one spot (read my response here).

I created this short video to illustrate the idea:

If we teach our children that no matter how small the contribution they have to offer is, that it is valuable beyond measure, the culture of business [and the entire world] would begin to change. If we taught them that cooperation is how we get ahead in life rather than by competition, our youth would recreate the business culture without even realizing they were changing the world. But above all that, we must teach our children to love.

It is with this mentality, that I have started #1000smallways and “Mitt the Misfit Fox”, to point out that while we may not be able to do grand things to change the world, we are capable of thousands of small acts, and each of these small ways can contribute to a huge change. We don’t need to be some how different, better, richer, stronger, smarter to change the world. We just have to be willing to love and give what we have–even if it is just one drop.

While I have no children of my own to teach to love and cooperate, I will love the children in my life, making sure they are full of love. Once full of love, they will have love to give. I encourage you to do the same, and to let them know that they are capable of changing the world. That each of their small drops of water are valuable, precious, and world changing when they come together with other drops of water.

A Thousand Small Ways #022

Pour love into the lives of the children in your life, being an example of love, empathy and cooperation.

What’s Wrong with the Relationship between Business and Society? #ubuntupeople